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An architectural block set based on the Froebel Blocks, the inspiration for this Prairie House set comes from the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Educated with the Froebel Kindergarten method, Wright acknowledged the influence of his Froebel education on his architecture and established a Froebel Kindergarten for his own children and those of his neighbors. His mother provided these blocks to him at an early age in the hopes that he might one day become an architect. Even as an adult, Wright often used the Froebel blocks as a scratch pad during the  design process. In fact, archival photographs of an April 1914 exhibition of  his work show a model of a generic Prairie School building constructed of wooden blocks.

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Wright's work in the so-called Prairie Style is best represented by his Robie House, Coonley House, Dana House, and Meyer May House commissions. Other architects have worked in the Prairie Style, which emphasizes free-flowing interiors, low, hipped roofs, and distinctly horizontal profiles, but Wright is by far the most famous architect associated with it.

The Prairie House set contains 68 blocks (in addition to the tray and lid) that are identical to the Froebel Gifts blocks in size and material. A full-color instruction sheet provides background information on Wright and a guide for assembling the pictured house design (and how to put the blocks away quickly!). Video assembly instructions are also available online.

This block set is intended for those ages 5 and up. Manufactured in China from beech wood, this set contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard and are NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is encouraged.